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We were selling more and more of our hand made jewelry online these days. Although we still attend craft fairs and small boutique market places. We’ve found over the years that people visit us in the flesh at the venues, like what we do and take our website details and look on there from time to time.

So our website has become a key part of our marketing strategy these days and I had the job to keep it up to date. At first I’d take a picture upload it to our site add a short description, a reference code and a price and that was it. It was just a listing site really and the photos were just bad quality thumbnails. If you wanted to buy you had to call us and we’d take your details over the phone.

That was it for a number of years. It was my job and it was just a choir really, there was no love put into it. As we attended venues up and down the country we met other jewelers pretty much doing the same thing that we were doing – small cottage industries, which we all have a passion for and which pays the rent.


We met a man and his wife, producing jewelry and they also had a website. They were quite friendly and they showed me the website on their tablet. I was blown away – it was stunning the quality. I didn’t think their jewelry was any better than ours but it looked better on the website, it was just so well presented. So luxurious.light tent - ring

What was more shocking was that they, like I, did it all themselves and the sales process was all automated. They received emails to say that payment had been made and which item needed to sent through secure mail and that was it.

light tent -ringNew Website

They put me in touch with a website builder who put their site together. All I had to do was get a decent camera, a tripod, some cheap lights and a light tent, like the ones here photo light tent

light tent -ringlight tent photography

It was a bit fiddly at first and everything seemed to take forever to make it look right. But I persevered. There’s a lot to learn and that’s where youtube comes in Light tent for Jewelry And now I’m a pro. The light box is permanently set up, along with the lights and the camera sits on a tripod (a mini studio if you like) I set the item of jewelry up the way I want it and shoot. The camera settings never change and the photo goes straight to the website ready for me to work with it.

The equipment cost less than I thought but it’s saved me so much time. Plus we have the same shopping cart as the other couple so turnaround time is quicker. And if that wasn’t enough the site looks so slick, we’re getting more orders through the site now and we’re even doing some international sales as well. This must just be coming from internet searches alone. So we’re very pleased and quite amazed what this new site has done for us.

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