Month: March 2018

3-piece luggage set

Old style suitcaseThe Vacation Luggage Disaster

Having just got back from vacation and having one of my suitcase spilt on me, I was in the market for a new one. At the time I was with my wife and we decided that we should both get a new 3 piece luggage sets. At the same time. I was tasked with sorting that out.

So I started researching, where else but on the internet. And it quickly became apparent that the main things to look for in a new luggage set are its zip and its castors. All the little pockets and things inside are secondary.

You’d expect the material of the case to upto the challenge of being hustled and bustled and thrown around by baggage handlers. But do make a quick check of the outer skin or fabric used. Going cheap, normally means inferior quality and you don’t want that.

My case certainly wasn’t cheap but the zip had split and torn away from one edge of the case. Luckily nothing had fallen out – I was lucky. But a better design should take care of that 99.9% of the time.

My good old relaible suitcaseLook Here for a Specialist Site for 3-piece Luggage sets

I decided to look here Three piece luggage sets They sell “3 piece luggage” sets and I quite liked the idea of having a small spare that we could use as our small in-flight case. Their cases are good quality too. Which is the important thing.

The zip wants to be big and sturdy. Don’t skimp on this one. We all overfill our cases, the old expression “a quart into a pint pot” springs to mind. So your 3 piece luggage sets zip will be under strain all the time.

The castors have to be beefy. Small dainty little wheels easy break or clog up with debris and grime from the airport floor and you’ll be left with a case that doesn’t what to go in the same direction as you. Or that squeaks as it travels.

Very Old style suitcaseUseful Info

Other useful sites can be found here here and here They will also help you select the perfect suitcase.