Month: November 2017


Flying is a Pain

Flying around the country from city is bad enough (I don’t like flying very much) but the international long haul flights are a factor of ten worse, in my opinion.

First there’s the passport, that antiquated document that belongs in the Victorian age, surely we can do better than that? You have to check in with you passport (join the queue) at the departure airport. Then you have to show the passport again (join a bigger queue) at the destination airport.

I know we want to keep the undesirables out of each country and keep airports and aircraft safe but this doesn’t seem to happen in the first instance. Undesirables seem to get passports, with no problem and pass through the system unnoticed. So the passport doesn’t do it’s job very well.

More Hassle

Then there’s the baggage allowance and baggage reclaim. Another inconvenience at both ends of the journey. When you think about the millions of suitcases flying around everywhere that’s more suitcases than passengers. There has to be a better way?

Then there’s the journey itself. The seats that have been set up for maximum number of flying passengers versus comfort. Guess which one takes priority for the airline? Some airlines are better than others but by and large they’re fairly similar these days.

Of course some of us, the privileged few, can fly first class. That’s a different game to the masses. Long haul flights both time consuming and disorienting. You can’t sleep when you’re supposed to and when you do drift off that’s when they bring the food around. Food (I can’t speak for first class) is fairly bland and minimalist.

Finally, towards the end of the journey, they through duty free at you. Trying to get the last few dollars you have left.

My Big Idea

What I would like in the future is to turn up at the airport as though I was going to the hospital for an operation. They, the staff that is, do some checks and then put you to sleep. You them awake at your destination. They give you a little time to recover, with a nice cup of coffee and when it’s time to leave you luggage is right there by your side as well.

That would be a much better way to fly.